nfo.jpg (9365 bytes)The picture beside shows how the Norwegian Forest Cat should look like. The cat is strong and large. The body is much more longer than high. Legs are strong, hind legs are higher than the front legs. This characteristic gives power to springs and movements. In addition to strong legs, the paws are also strong. It looks like the cat has boxing gloves in its' paws.

Seen from the front, the head is triangular, where all sides are equally long. The outer lines of the ears follow the line of the head down to the chin. The ears are with good width at the base with tufts. The long hair growing out of the ears protect the ears from wind. The profile (nose) is straight continuing slightly rounded from the forehead to the top of the head. The chin is very firm and seen from the side it is in the same line with the tip of the nose. The eye expression is sparkling.

The coat has two layers. The woollen and soft under coat is covered by long upper coat. It means that the cat has under and outer wears. The cat develops long hair in hind legs, so called knickerbockers. Long hair is growing also in a chest and a neck as a frill. Long tufts grow between the toes, which protect the sole leather from cold. The long guard hairs fall beautifully over the body. A Norwegian Forest Cat with well-cared coat is a pleasure to see. NFO carries the bushy tail proudly and high.