I live in Espoo, about 15 km from the Helsinki city centre. My cats and me live in a house, which stands on a sunny slope.

My first NFO was imported from Sweden. GIC Fjordkattens Fanny, DM (28.11.84 - 2.1.96) came to Finland at the beginning of the year 1985. Fanny originates from the ancestors in Norway. Also the first-ever registered NFO, Pan's Truls, can be found on her pedigree. Fanny was very large and strongly built turquoise blue-eyed beauty. She had many primitive ways of caring her babies; habits that my other females does not have. I was very fortunate to start breeding with a female like Fanny. Still, the original background is strongly within my breeding. The first litter I have bred was born on 3 July 1986. During my breeding years I have bred approximately 7 kittens in a year (incl. 3 Birman litters).


Eila Tähti

Tuurinmäentie 14
FIN-02200 ESPOO, Finland

Phone:  +358 40 5028518